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February 27th 2023

Richmond Virginia U.S.A.

Setting and resetting my sights on progress this season— Trying to stay out of my own way.

On March 17th, I’m releasing new music. ‘Cowtown’, 3-songs about where I come from and the possibility of a better world. I’ve been writing a lot about this lately.

These recent recording projects have kept me going; a 14-song record of folk songs from Fort Worth with my friend Simon Flory and another collection of songs focused on coming of age in Pennsylvania and living through the turbulence and change of these past years.

These new works have been and will continue to be funded in large part by my supporters community on Patreon. Thank you for making this possible. Become A Supporter Today for a first listen to ‘Cowtown’.

“I’ve been leaning into love

Seen what it is and what it does

Brings us together

Instead of tearing you apart

When you choose to use your heart

And I think that that’s a start.”

Don’t forget to start,

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