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Happy New Year –

I started the last month of the year here at home with a sickness. My first under-the-weather week in almost 3 years. Yes, it was Covid. Grateful that it was mild & I was able to bounce back quickly.

In December, I felt for the first time in a long time like I was where I should be. Richmond, Virginia with people I love earlier in the month & back again for Christmas. Fort Worth, Texas in between wrapping up the final sessions for an album of folk songs I started last summer with my friend, Simon Flory. Back in Philadelphia for the last week of the year & out on the shore in Asbury Park, New Jersey crossing into the New Year. Grateful for all the progress I’ve been working on & curious to see where this year will carry us.

These past 6 months I’ve been so focused on moving forward. At times I’ve struggled with staying present through the moments that carried me here. When change happens in life it’s our instinct to resist it but I think this kinda change & the way we pass through it is what defines us as people. A friend of mine spoke of love & keeping an open heart to possibility recently, “these are the feelings that make us.” 2023 for me will be about opening myself to new possibilities & keeping an open heart & mind. Dreaming big dreams & loving hard.

On December 23rd, Simon & I finished tracking our 14-song record of folk songs in Fort Worth & I’ve situated myself here in the first week of the new year to finalize plans to head to Tennessee to record another album of my songs starting the first week of February. I’m excited to figure out how to get all this new music out this year & to keep moving forward. I hope you’re well & keeping an open heart & mind.

I’m out to do the best I can

As I go ramblin’ round,

January 1 2023

Pennsylvania U.S.A.


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