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Never self identified with the places I was raised
Used to ask them all the time how long I’d have to wait
Said, don’t worry child you’ll be free of all of this one day
Just to return for most religious holidays

They fed me ancient artifacts as I sat inside their schools
Filled me up with anecdotes that offered little proof
Killed my future confidence by poisoning the truth
Left me tired & totally confused

Took me straight from public school & put me on a bus
Said I could find freedom, if I could cough the money up
So I studied People’s History & the poetry I loved
But mainly just got good at getting drunk

I met you in the city when I was twenty one
We used to stay out all night just to watch the sun come up
Could’ve stayed like this forever, but I did way too many drugs
Like the privileged little shithead that I was

Peered into the future through our exponential debt
Been reduced to a window we stood tapping on the glass
So much so, we didn’t really notice the collapse
We looked up one day & everything was black

Now I’m out of prison & I got me a friend at last
She don’t steal, or cheat, or drink, or lie
Never really thought that I would reach the other side
Thought I'd dig my whole life
Think I’ll stay here for awhile

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