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Lately I've been thinking about fear
And what it is that we're all doing here
Why being right is so worthy of a fight
Even when the truth's unclear

Had me swallowing my pride
With all the pain and the lies we live inside
We all deserve to live a life that's dignified
That don't mean we get to hide

Got me thinkin' about thought
What it is and what it's not
Tomorrow ain't something that you can stop
So either get in or get off

Sent me diggin' through the past
Oh how quick we let it lapse
It don't do much to pass the buck
I guarantee you get it back

Called to mind a sea of strife
What we could learn from the things we leave behind
If we could listen instead of drawing a hard line
We might get a chance to try

That's where I found a little hope
Which was nice 'cause I'm at the end of my rope
Hangin' tight never felt right
So I learned to let it go

Funny thing about change
Is it don't care if you're afraid
Cuz it'll come & then it's done
And it's always been that way

So I've been leaning into love
Seen what it is and what it does
Brings us together instead of tearing you apart
When you choose to use your heart
And I think that that's a start

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