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Saw the great speckled bird of the starlight scene
With her sunglasses on in a magazine
When you’re young you get lost in the temporal things
one morning you wake up and it is gone
A skeleton or shell so void of form
There’s no such thing as shelter from the storm

Though the town you were raised is often that
Just a familiar face on a topograph
Like a broke time machine
You welcome me back
If you love something let it be
At the bottom of the bottomless sea
And I hope you find exactly what you need

We swing, swing low
Cause’ it’s so sweet at the bottom
You’re el castillo
And I’m a serpentine shadow
Like an old Volvo I’ve been replacing the parts in
For a stretch of road, on an eternal spiral
She says to take it slow, as she rolls down the windows
To make the stars explode, with her bright bow and arrows
Just like Tezcatlipoca

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