Three wolves howl at the yellow moon
On an old t-shirt that she left in your room
You look different over dial tones
When I'm falling asleep in our dressing room
Downtown there staying occupied
With the painted signs
Outside the BNY
Is this what you call paradise?
'Cause the dream looks different in real life

Try to connect all the stars tonight
With your cracked-jaw dreams
Keep you grinding those teeth
Headphone wires on a red-eye flight
Turn it up real high, just turn it off
You start flipping through those in-flight stations
Hoping to find one thing that you like
Is this the moment we've all been awaiting?
'Cause the dream looks different in real life

All this advanced entertainment
Spent a lifetime picking items down from the shelves
Like Eve from that apple tree
Can't tell the difference between what I want and what I need
And by the time my desire gets fed
I always end up wanting something else instead
Is this what I've been searching for?
'Cause the dream appears to be dead
Or at least the dream looks different in my head
The dream looks different in my head
The dream looks different in my head

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Two Coyotes Cover Art


Vocals, Guitars, Keys & Percussion — Roger Harvey
Guitars, Keys & Percussion — J Vega
Violin & Vocals — Shani Banerjee
Pedal Steel — Thomas Cipollone
Trumpet — Josh Massie
Vocals — Hannah Galvin
Drums — Tyler Kweder

Written by Roger Harvey
Produced, engineered & mixed by J Vega at the Wilderness Recording Studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Mastered by Justin Francis in Nashville, Tennessee