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I write Rog Sez for my Monthly Supporters on Patreon.

A few weeks ago I got a call regarding if I was available to perform songs alongside Senator Bernie Sanders (again) for a rally in Pittsburgh to help get out the vote leading into the midterm elections. I love when music can be used for good.

A few days passed & on my way to work one morning I received a similar but unrelated call. A voice on the other end of the phone said “Hi! My name’s Rick. I work for President Obama. I’m trying to get a hold of Roger Harvey.” He continued & asked if I’d be available to support the former President & now Senator John Fetterman at their rally the day before in Pittsburgh.

It was an honor to be asked to participate in this important moment in Pennsylvania & in America. If you know me at all you know I care deeply about progress & that I love my home state. It was a powerful weekend & an important reminder of how deeply so many of us believe in the possibility of a better world. The sweetest days were those that followed when we got to see progress win in Pennsylvania. A pathway forward & a clear message about what we are & what we are not about.

The next day I got another phone call this time from a more familiar voice, my Mom. She asked if I’d be able to perform at my Grandma’s burial ceremony the following weekend. After a long late-night drive home, alongside my youngest sister we sang her to rest & then spent time together celebrating her beautiful life & her lasting impact on us all. She always used to say “If you can’t be good, be careful.” I think of her often & all that I learned from her. R.I.P. to my hero.

I left Erie County & made my way to Richmond, Virginia to meet my friend, Tim Barry. I’ve spent more time on the road with Tim than anyone. Traveling souls will understand the bond that grows out of miles spent together. These would be my last shows of the year & ones I’d been very much looking forward to.

Playing music with Tim feels like playing music with Family. He is a rare breed. A chaser of joy & a creator of it with a compass all his own. A no bullshit kinda person with a big heart. One of my kind.

I spent this weekend doing what I love, playing music with so many beautiful & talented people, This unique family that has grown out of Tim’s life & songs. It was an uplifting end to the strange journey of my past month. So many songs & smiles. My heart is full & I’ve landed here grateful for the life I’ve got. Discovering my joy & following my compass. Made easier by lessons learned from the family I’ve found & friends that have shared their miles with me.

Earlier this month I released a new studio recording of a song called ‘Talkin Hard Line’ on Patreon. It felt important to share in this moment. You can listen & support my work there. I’ll get it out eventually for everyone to hear regardless.

Thank you for passing through,

November 20 2022

Richmond Virginia U.S.A.


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